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Guardianship plays an important part in the welfare system. The main purpose of the guardianship system is to safeguard the interests of the ward and to ensure that this is done with respect for the individual's needs and wishes. The Norwegian Guardianship Act protects persons who for various reasons and to different degrees cannot safeguard their own interests, whether these are personal and/or financial. The legislation is based on recognition of the important principle that persons who require a guardian constitute a diverse and disparate group. A guardian's mandate should never be more intrusive than the circumstances require and the principle of least interference provides an important backdrop to both the guardian's work and the administration of the guardianship.

The guardian's power is based on the mandate granted by the County Governor. The guardian’s assignment may concern the ward's personal or financial interests or both. The mandate defines the scope of where the guardian may act as a legal representative of his or her ward. For children and minors under 18 the guardianship function is usually tied to the parents, who act to safeguard the interests of the minor together with the guardian.

www.vergemål.no – the portal for those who wish to learn more about guardianship

In connection with the guardianship reform the Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority developed a portal where information regarding guardianship can be accessed. Further information about guardianship can therefore be found at www.vergemål.no.

The office of guardianship of the Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority is located at Grønnegata 52 in Hamar. Our postal address is Postboks 8027 Dep, N-0030 Oslo, Norway.